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Covering some 20,000 square kilometers, there is much to see in this province. Some of the more ancient Buddhist Temples are to be found here. The city of Chiang Mai and capital of its namesake province is about 310 meters above sea level.

Getting there is relatively easy. There are both flights and a rail service from chiangmai daily as well as a good bus service. If your stay in Thailand is a short one, it’s only an hour’s flight from the chiangmai to Chiang Mai. You may even have time for a quick, worthwhile visit.

Chiang Mai is a city built on the roots of a traditional heritage that dig deep into the soil of time. It's a city with a beautiful cultural personality of its own. In addition, it's been blessed with much majestic beauty in nature. The people themselves are an unforgettable part of Chiang Mai. Handicrafts of silk, silver and wood are timeless souvenirs for visitors from all over the globe. Along with all this, a wide variety of accommodations, restaurants, and entertainment all help to make Chiang Mai one of Thailand's prime tourist attractions. Below you will find a comprehensive listing of Chiang Mai hotels by Location.

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Accommodationsort Locationsort Ratessort   Breakfast show only
Saimoonburi Resort Chaiprakarn 37 $   incl.
Royal Guest House Chang Klan 10 $  
Park Hotel Chang Klan 27 $   incl.
Lanna Palace 2012 Hotel Chang Klan 30 $   incl. recommend
Empress Hotel Chang Klan 35 $   incl. recommend
Plumeria Home Chang Klan 35 $   incl.
Studio99 Serviced Apartment Chang Klan 47 $  
Banthai Village Chang Klan 58 $   incl. One Price
Arun Tara Hotel Chang Klan 82 $   incl.
The Amata Lanna Chiangmai Chang Klan 102 $   incl.
Ratilanna Riverside Spa Resort Chang Klan 118 $   incl. recommend
Yaang Come Village Chang Klan 138 $   incl. recommend
Royal Orchid Park Chang Puek 17 $   incl.
Tarin Hotel Chang Puek 24 $   incl.
Green Lake Resort Chang Puek 30 $   incl.
The Grand Napat Chang Puek 55 $   incl.
Huen Come Residence, Chiang Mai Changphuak, Sirithorn Rd. 118 $   incl.
Marisa Resort & Spa Chiang Dao 39 $   incl.
Holiday Inn Chiangmai Chiang Mai-Lumphun Road 60 $   incl.
Kaomai Lanna Resort Chiangmai-Hod Road 55 $   incl.
3b Boutique Bed & Breakfast Chiangmai-Hod Road, 32 $   incl.
Lanna View Hotel & Resort Chiangmai-Lampang Road 20 $   incl.
Bann Tazala Boutique Hotel Chiangmai-Sankampaeng Road 144 $   incl. recommend
Best Western Chiang Mai Hotel Chonlapratan Road 27 $   incl.
Secret Garden Chiangmai Doi Saket 33 $   incl.
Horizon Village Doi Saket 47 $   incl.
Angkhang Nature Resort Fang 89 $   incl.
Maggy`s Place Hangdong 14 $  
INSDA The Luxury Private House Hangdong 24 $   incl.
Lanna Resort Hangdong 24 $   incl.
Bulun Buri Resort Chiangmai Hangdong 27 $   incl.
Baanklangdoi Hotel Resort & Spa Hangdong 35 $   incl.
Suan Bua Hotel & Resort Hangdong 36 $   incl. recommend
Fondcome Village Resort Hangdong 39 $   incl.
Taraburi Resort & Spa Hangdong 50 $   incl.
Baan Deva Montra Boutique Resort and Spa Hangdong 68 $   incl.
Belle Villa Resort Hangdong 68 $   incl.
The Field Village Hangdong 70 $   incl.
Phu Jaya Mini Resort & Restaurant Hangdong-Sameung 37 $   incl. recommend
Krisdadoi Chiangmai Aprime Resort Hangdong-Samoeng 45 $   incl.
Holiday Garden Hotel Huay Kaew 22 $   incl.
Chiangmai Hills 2000 Hotel Huay Kaew 27 $   incl.
Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel Huay Kaew 35 $   incl. recommend
Amari Rincome Hotel Huay Kaew 56 $   incl. Special Rate
Touch Star Resort Inthanon Jomthong 32 $   incl.
Chiangmai Phucome Hotel Kanklong-Cholprathan Road 20 $   incl.
Baan Namping, Chiang Mai Khuamung, Saraphi 47 $   incl.
Navasoung Resort Mae Chaem 32 $   incl.
Botanic Resort Chiang Mai Mae Rim 30 $   incl.
Mae-Sa Valley Mae Rim 36 $   incl.
Imperial Chiang Mai Resort Spa Mae Rim 43 $   incl.
Proud Phu Fah Mae Rim 58 $   incl. One Price
Muang Gudi Lodge, Chiang Mai Mae Rim 60 $   incl.
Hmong Hilltribe Lodge Mae Rim 68 $   incl. recommend
Palm Spa Village Mae Rim 85 $   incl.
Jirung Health Resort Mae Rim 102 $   incl. recommend
Panviman Chiangmai Spa Resort Mae Rim 112 $   incl.
Sukantara Cascade Resort Mae Rim 142 $   incl. recommend
Airport Resident Muang 14 $  
The International Hotel Muang 17 $   incl.
Oasis Hotel Muang 17 $  
Montrara Happy House Hotel Muang 19 $   incl.
Sinthana Resort Muang 24 $   incl.
Chiangmai Gate Hotel Muang 26 $   incl.
Eurana Boutique Hotel Muang 27 $   incl.
Scorpion Tailed Boat Village Muang 30 $   incl.
Chiangmai Grandview Hotel Muang 35 $   incl.
Baan Gong Kham Muang 42 $   incl.
The Eurasia Chiangmai Hotel Muang 43 $   incl.
Tianna Garden Village Muang 47 $   incl.
Nawa Chamber Lanna Home Stay Muang 47 $   incl.
Yantarasiri Boutique Resort Muang 58 $   incl. One Price
Shewe Wana Boutique Resort & Spa Muang 58 $   incl.
Sri-Ping Resort Muang 58 $   incl.
Ban Sabai Village Resort & Spa Muang 60 $   incl. Special Rate
Tri Yaan Na Ros Colonial House Muang 65 $   incl.
Rimping Village Muang 75 $   incl.
Manathai Village, Chiang Mai Muang 82 $   incl. Special Rate
Athitan Villas Muang 83 $   incl.
Baan Saen Doi Resort & Spa Muang 83 $   incl. recommend
Ayatana Hamlet & Spa Chiangmai Muang 85 $   incl. recommend
Bodhi Serene Chiang Mai Muang 88 $   incl. recommend
D2hotel Chiang mai Muang 139 $  
The Granary Resort Muang 121 $   incl.
Rarinjinda Wellness Spa Resort Muang 155 $   incl.
Rachamankha Chiangmai Muang 183 $   incl.
Shangri - La Hotel Muang 291 $  
The Chedi Chiang Mai Muang 345 $   incl. recommend
Hotel Serenity Muang (Chiangmai Gate) 23 $   incl.
Royal Panerai Hotel Muang, Assadathorn Rd. 22 $   incl.
Royal Peninsula Hotel Muang, Assadathorn Rd. 27 $   incl.
Karinthip Village Muang, Changmoikao Rd. 47 $   incl.
C.H Hotel Muang, Charoenprathet Rd. 30 $   incl.
Pornping Tower Muang, Charoenprathet Rd. 32 $   incl.
Centara Duangtawan Hotel Chiang Mai Muang, Downtown 45 $   incl.
Palm Springs Lodge & City Resort Muang, Mahidol Road 37 $   incl.
S.K. House Chiang Mai Muang, Moon Muang Rd. 12 $  
De Naga Muang, Moon Muang Rd. 83 $   incl.
U Chiang Mai Muang, near by walking street 125 $   incl. recommend
Lanna Mantra Relais Muang, Pa Ton Rd. 59 $   incl. recommend
Baan Singkham Muang, Pa Ton Rd. 65 $   incl. recommend
BP Chiang Mai City Hotel Muang, Rajmankha Rd. 20 $   incl.
Duang Champa Muang, Ratchadamnern Rd. 58 $   incl.
Winner Inn Hotel Muang, Sridonchai Rd. 19 $   incl.
Imperial Mae Ping Hotel Muang, Sridonchai Rd. 47 $   incl. recommend
Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel Muang, Sridonchai Road 40 $   incl.
Puripunn the Baby Grand Boutique Muang, Wat Gade 135 $   incl. recommend
Portico 21 Hotel near Night Bazaar 24 $   incl.
Royal Lanna Hotel near Night Bazaar 32 $   incl.
Amora Tapae Hotel, Chiangmai near Night Bazaar 45 $   incl. recommend
Suriwongse Hotel near Night Bazaar, Chang Klan 32 $   incl. recommend
Royal Princess Chiang Mai near Night Bazaar, Chang Klan 62 $   incl.
Buri Gallery House near Night Bazaar, Downtown 27 $   incl.
Tamarind Village near Night Bazaar, Downtown 131 $   incl. recommend
Down Town Inn near Night Bazaar, Loy Kroh 26 $   incl.
Star Hotel near Night Bazaar, Loy Kroh 27 $   incl. recommend
Raming Lodge Hotel & Spa near Night Bazaar, Loy Kroh 35 $   incl.
Maninarakorn Hotel near Night Bazaar,Chang Klan 35 $   incl. recommend
Doi Kham Resort near Safari Night 55 $   incl. recommend
At Pingnakorn Hotel Nimanhemin Road 30 $   incl.
Yesterday the Village Nimanhemin Road 35 $   incl.
Kantary Hills Nimanhemin Road 83 $   incl.
At Niman, Chiangmai Nimanhemin Road 127 $   incl.
Aomdoi Resort Phrao 22 $   incl.
Bossotel Inn Chiang Mai Railway Road 26 $   incl.
Viewdoi Art and Resort Sankampaeng 40 $   incl.
Alpine Golf Resort - Chiangmai Sankampaeng 50 $   incl.
Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Sankampaeng 550 $   incl.
Life Up Longstay Resort & Spa Sansai 30 $   incl.
Golden Cupids Hotel Sansai 52 $   incl.
Fern Paradise Sansai 81 $   incl.
Dreamcatchers Bed & Breakfast Saraphee 52 $   incl. recommend
Lanna Accent Boutique Villa Saraphee 176 $   incl. recommend
Chiangmai Suandok Kaew Hotel Suthep Road 16 $   incl.
Rates are INCLUSIVE all taxes (10% service charge, 7% VAT)

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