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Pattaya enjoys a tropical wet and dry climate, which is divided into the following seasons: warm and dry (November to February), hot and humid (March to May), and hot and rainy (June to October). The most comfortable time of year coincides with the peak tourist season, which is over the Christmas and New Year period.

Pattaya City, Thailand is one of the best Beach Resort of Country, also Pattaya City is well known by most Travellers as the Great Entertainment City and Beach Resort of the world and Asia. Pattaya City, Thailand is one of the world's most popular holiday destinations. Accommodation in Pattaya City lodges from budget guesthouse to internationally renowed Five-Star Pattaya hotels and Pattaya Resorts.

Pattaya is formly a fishing village, it was the first holiday beach nearest to Bangkok. Pattaya city turned itself from an ordinary fishing village into a world famous holiday beach resort of Asia and the world. Since 1960s during the war of Vietnam, at the rest time of American forces, need to search for the place to relax and recreation. These American forces during the war was discovered Pattaya Bay which is some 20kms from Utapao Airport. From Fishing villages then Pattaya develope itself into the Pattaya city and the best Beach Resort.

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Accommodationsort Locationsort Ratessort   Breakfast show only
S.S. Bangsaen Beach Hotel Chonburi, Bangsaen Beach 35 $   incl.
The Tide Resort Chonburi, Bangsaen Beach 68 $   incl.
Pacific Park Hotel & Residence Chonburi, Sriracha 32 $   incl.
Nirvana Couture & Boutique Suites Jomtien Beach Rd. 26 $   incl. recommend
Eurostar International Hotel Jomtien Beach Rd. 27 $   incl.
Jomtien Holiday Hotel Jomtien Beach Rd. 29 $   incl.
Dragon Beach Resort Jomtien Beach Rd. 30 $   incl.
RS.Sea Side Hotel Jomtien Beach Rd. 32 $   incl.
Jomtien Thani Hotel Jomtien Beach Rd. 37 $   incl. Special Rate
Jomtien Garden Hotel & Resort Jomtien Beach Rd. 39 $   incl.
Natural Park Resort, Pattaya Jomtien Beach Rd. 40 $   incl.
Pinnacle Grand Jomtien Resort & Spa Jomtien Beach Rd. 49 $   incl. recommend
Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel & Resort Jomtien Beach Rd. 58 $   incl. recommend
Nusa Playa Hotel & Spa Jomtien Beach Rd. 72 $   incl.
Sugar Hut Jomtien Beach Rd. 112 $   incl.
Anantaya Resort Jomtien Beach Rd. 118 $   incl.
View Talay Villas Jomtien Beach Rd. 152 $  
Viewpoint Village Jomtien Beach Rd. 228 $  
Eravana The Hideaway Pattaya Jomtien Beach Rd. 237 $   incl. recommend
Rabbit Resort Jomtien, Dongtan Beach 125 $   incl.
Jomtien Orchid Hotel Jomtien, Thapphraya Rd. 25 $   incl. recommend
Naris Art Hotel Jomtien, Thapphraya Rd. 29 $   incl.
Grand Central Hotel, Pattaya Jomtien, Thapphraya Rd. 35 $   incl.
Pattaya Park Beach Resort Jomtien, Thapphraya Rd. 40 $   incl.
Nirvana Place Jomtien, Thapphraya Rd. 85 $   incl.
Ambassador City Jomtien Na Jomtien Beach, Sattahip 42 $   incl.
Sigma Resort Jomtien Pattaya Na Jomtien Beach, Sattahip 45 $   incl.
Ravindra Beach Resort & Spa Na Jomtien Beach, Sattahip 92 $   incl.
Dor Shada Resort Na Jomtien Beach, Sattahip 92 $   incl.
Palm Grove Resort Na Jomtien Beach, Sattahip 127 $   incl.
Serene Sands Naklua Beach, Sukhumvit Rd. 46 $   incl.
Best Western Bella Villa Cabana Naklua Beach, Sukhumvit Rd. 58 $   incl.
Cholchan Pattaya Resort Naklua Beach, Sukhumvit Rd. 60 $   incl.
Siam Sawasdee Pattaya, 2nd Rd. (Central) 22 $   incl.
Sawadee Sea View Pattaya, 2nd Rd. (North) 17 $   incl.
Welcome Plaza Hotel Pattaya, 2nd Rd. (North) 26 $   incl.
Golden Beach Hotel Pattaya, 2nd Rd. (North) 35 $   incl.
Areca Lodge Pattaya, 2nd Rd. (North) 36 $   incl.
Sabai Inn Pattaya Pattaya, 2nd Rd. (North) 36 $   incl.
Bella Villa Prima Pattaya, 2nd Rd. (North) 39 $   incl.
The Montien Hotel Pattaya Pattaya, 2nd Rd. (North) 95 $   incl.
Honey Inn Pattaya Pattaya, 2nd Rd. (South) 20 $   incl.
Tim Boutique Hotel Pattaya, 2nd Rd. (South) 52 $   incl. Special Rate
J.A. Villa Pattaya, 3rd Rd. (North) 35 $   incl.
Hotel Vista Pattaya, 3rd Rd. (North) 59 $   incl.
Piyada Residence Pattaya, 3rd Rd. (South) 20 $  
Golden Sea Serviced Residence Pattaya, 3rd Rd. (South) 35 $   incl.
Villa Panalee Pattaya, 3rd Rd. (South) 35 $   incl.
Eurasia Serviced Residence Pattaya, 3rd Rd. (South) 37 $   incl.
Mike Garden Resort Hotel Pattaya, 3rd Rd. (South) 46 $   incl. Special Rate
Four Seasons Place Pattaya, 3rd Rd. (South) 65 $   incl. Special Rate
BJ Holiday Lodge Pattaya, Beach Rd. (North) 30 $  
Sunshine Vista Serviced Apartment Pattaya, Beach Rd. (North) 39 $   incl. recommend
Crown Pattaya Beach Hotel Pattaya, Beach Rd. (North) 40 $   incl.
Tropicana Hotel Pattaya, Beach Rd. (North) 45 $   incl.
Mark-Land & Spa Pattaya, Beach Rd. (North) 45 $   incl.
Amari Orchid Resort and Tower Pattaya, Beach Rd. (North) 69 $   incl. Special Rate
Pattaya Discovery Beach Hotel Pattaya, Beach Rd. (North) 75 $   incl. recommend
A-ONE The Royal Cruise Hotel Pattaya, Beach Rd. (North) 78 $   incl.
Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa Pattaya, Beach Rd. (North) 164 $   incl. Special Rate
Sunshine Hotel & Residences Pattaya, Beach Rd. (South) 26 $   incl. recommend
Diamond Beach Hotel Pattaya, Beach Rd. (South) 29 $   incl.
Pattaya Centre Hotel Pattaya, Beach Rd. (South) 37 $   incl.
Sunbeam Hotel Pattaya, Beach Rd. (South) 60 $   incl.
Siam Bayview Hotel Pattaya, Beach Rd. (South) 95 $   incl.
Century Pattaya Hotel Pattaya, Central Rd. 24 $   incl.
Town in Town Hotel Pattaya, Central Rd. 34 $   incl.
Nova Park Exec.Serviced Apt. Pattaya, Central Rd. 45 $  
LK Royal Suite Serviced Residence Pattaya, Central Rd. 83 $   incl.
Amari Nova Suites Pattaya, Central Rd. 127 $   incl. recommend
Romeo Palace Hotel Pattaya, Naklua Beach Rd. 22 $   incl.
Pattaya Garden Hotel Pattaya, Naklua Beach Rd. 30 $   incl.
Naklua Beach Resort Pattaya, Naklua Beach Rd. 35 $   incl.
Royal Orchid Pattaya Pattaya, Naklua Beach Rd. 62 $   incl.
Garden Cliff Resort and Spa Pattaya, Naklua Beach Rd. 72 $   incl. Special Rate
The Zign Hotel Pattaya, Naklua Beach Rd. 82 $   incl.
Sunshine Garden Hotel Pattaya, North Rd. 32 $   incl. recommend
Green Park Resort Pattaya, North Rd. 39 $   incl. recommend
Fairtex Sports Club & Hotel Pattaya, North Rd. 45 $   incl.
Thai Garden Resort Pattaya, North Rd. 50 $   incl.
Mantra Pura Resort & Residence Pattaya, North Rd. 65 $   incl.
Woodlands Resort Pattaya, North Rd. 78 $   incl.
Erawan Hotel Pattaya, Pratumnak Beach 29 $   incl.
Cosy Beach Hotel Pattaya, Pratumnak Beach 35 $   incl. recommend
Quality Resort @Pattaya Hill Pattaya, Pratumnak Beach 35 $  
Sea Orchid Pattaya Pattaya, Pratumnak Beach 40 $   incl.
Dynasty Resort Pattaya, Pratumnak Beach 43 $   incl.
Momchailai Pattaya Retreat Pattaya, Pratumnak Beach 60 $   incl.
Nova Platinum Hotel Pattaya, Pratumnak Beach 73 $   incl. recommend
Royal Cliff Beach Resort Pattaya, Pratumnak Beach 104 $  
Diamond City Place Pattaya, South Rd. 23 $   incl.
Hotel Beverly Plaza Pattaya, South Rd. 24 $   incl.
Eurogrand Hotel, Pattaya Pattaya, South Rd. 26 $   incl.
New Day-Night Hotel Pattaya, South Rd. 27 $   incl.
Mind Resort Pattaya, South Rd. 40 $   incl.
Siam Bayshore Hotel Pattaya, South Rd. 102 $   incl.
Eastern Grand Palace Pattaya, Sukhumvit Rd. 35 $   incl.
Horseshoe Point Resort Pattaya Pattaya, Sukhumvit Rd. 60 $   incl. Special Rate
Loma Resort & Spa Pattaya, Wongamat Beach 32 $   incl. recommend
Best Western Pattaya Pattaya, Wongamat Beach 52 $   incl.
Long Beach Garden Hotel & Spa Pattaya, Wongamat Beach 68 $   incl.
Rates are INCLUSIVE all taxes (10% service charge, 7% VAT)

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