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Koh Phangan Information

Koh Phangan is an island paradise in the Gulf of Thailand located about 100 km from the coast of Southern Thailand Surat Thani Province and about 15 km from the famous resort island of Koh Samui

Koh Phangan is the largest of Samui's neighboring islands with an area of 168 square km. Over 70% of its total area is mountains and tropical forest the lowlands is mountains and coconut fields.

About 8,000 people live on Koh Phangan. Some are Chinese, whose ancestors migrated from China more than hundred years ago and the main population lives in Thong Sala Town. More than 95% of the population are Buddhist but there are a few Muslims in Ban Tai Village.

Standard Thai is used as the official language but the southern dialect is more widely spoken among the local people. English is understood in business circles and tourist areas. Koh Phangan is a district (Amphoe) of the Surat Thani Province in the Southern Region of Thailand. The Most important produce of Koh Phangan is coconuts. Each month Koh Samui and Koh Phangan produce more than 1 million coconut exports to Bangkok. Others prominent island product is fishing and of course there is the growing tourism business.

Koh Phangan is famous for it's monthly full moon parties which attracts thousands of people dancing through the night.

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Accommodationsort Locationsort Ratessort   Breakfast show only
First Villa Ao Ban Tai 35 $   incl. recommend
Haad Son Resort Ao Haad Son 42 $   incl.
Sabai Beach Resort Ao Plaay Laem 36 $   incl.
Amstardam Bar and Stone Hill Resort Ao Plaay Laem 40 $  
Baan Panburi Village Ao Thong Nai Pan Noi 10 $   recommend
Thongtapan Resort Ao Thong Nai Pan Noi 12 $  
Thong Nai Pan Beach Resort Ao Thong Nai Pan Noi 54 $   incl.
Panviman Resort Koh Phangan Ao Thong Nai Pan Noi 109 $   incl. recommend
Santhiya Resort and Spa Ao Thong Nai Pan Noi 158 $   incl. recommend
Ananda Yoga Resort Aow Hin Kong 10 $  
Hinkong Resort Aow Hin Kong 12 $  
Baan Bang Rak Resort & Spa Aow Wok Tum 36 $  
Pimolsuph House Ban Tai 35 $  
Silvery Moon Bungalow Ban Tai Beach 7 $  
Fieldparadise Village Ban Tai Beach 12 $   incl.
My Phangan Resort Ban Tai Beach 13 $  
Coco Garden Bungalows Ban Tai Beach 14 $  
Phangan Beach Resort Ban Tai Beach 24 $  
Power Beach Resort Ban Tai Beach 26 $   incl.
Morning Star Resort Ban Tai Beach 27 $   incl. recommend
Rungarun Resort Ban Tai Beach 35 $  
The Garden Lodge Ban Tai Beach 36 $   recommend
Milky Bay Resort Ban Tai Beach 40 $   incl. recommend
Villas on the beach Ban Tai Beach 115 $  
Phangan Orchid Resort Bankai Beach 49 $   incl.
Mandalai Hotel Chaloklum Bay 56 $   incl. recommend
Fantasea Resort Chaloklum Bay 16 $  
Chaloklum Bay Resort Chaloklum Bay 63 $   incl.
Phangan Paragon Resort & Spa Chao Phao Bay 65 $   incl.
Ocean View Beach Resort Haad Khom 13 $  
Rock Garden Resort & House Haad Chao Phao Beach 7 $   incl.
Blue Ocean Garden Hideaway Spa & Beach Resort Haad Chao Phao Beach 29 $  
Pha-Ngan Cabana Resort Haad Chao Phao Beach 35 $   incl.
Dragon Hut Resort Haad Gruad 12 $  
Coconut Beach Bungalows Haad Khom Beach 9 $  
Al Colosseo Palace Haad Rin 72 $   incl.
Palita Lodge Haad Rin Beach 40 $   incl.
Sunrise Resort Haad Rin Beach 42 $   incl.
Delight Resort Haad Rin Beach 43 $   incl.
Neptunes Villa Haad Rin Beach 58 $  
Vimarn Samut Resort Haad Rin Nai 36 $   incl.
Blue Hill Resort Haad Rin Nai 46 $   incl. recommend
Cocohut Village Beach Resort & Spa Haad Rin Nai 68 $   incl. recommend
Phanganburi Resort & Spa Haad Rin Nai Beach 65 $   incl. recommend
Drop In Club Resort & Spa Haad Rin Nok 27 $   incl. recommend
Phangan Utopia Resort Haad Thong Lang 29 $   incl.
Haad Tian Beach Resort Haad Tian 14 $  
Seaboard Bungalows Haad Yao Beach 7 $  
Baan Haad Yao Villas & Guest House Haad Yao Beach 23 $   incl.
Haad Yao Villa Haad Yao Beach 28 $   incl.
Long Bay Resort Haad Yao Beach 29 $   incl. recommend
Haad Yao Bayview Resort Haad Yao Beach 40 $   incl.
See Through Boutique Resort Haad Yao Beach 50 $   incl.
Pariya Haad Yuan Haad Yuan Beach 81 $   incl.
Lucky Resort Laem Tathong - In 19 $  
Royal Orchid Resort Maehaad Beach 9 $  
Smile Beach Resort Salad Beach 14 $  
Cookies Salad Resort Salad Beach 29 $   incl.
Salad Hut Salad Beach 35 $   incl.
Lunar Garden Home Salad Beach 35 $  
Salad Beach Resort Salad Beach 36 $   incl. recommend
Asia Bungalows Salad Beach 37 $  
Haadlad Prestige Resort & Spa Salad Beach 53 $   incl.
Green Papaya Resort Salad Beach 92 $   incl.
Salad Buri Resort & Spa Salad Beach 115 $   incl.
Sarikantang Resort and Spa Sarikantang Beach 26 $  
Loyfa Bungalow Srithanu Beach 14 $   recommend
Chills Resort Srithanu Beach 29 $  
J.S. Hut Resort Than Sadet Beach 12 $  
Mai Pen Rai Bungalows Than Sadet Beach 12 $  
Seaview Thansadet Than Sadet Beach 14 $  
Rasananda Resort Thong Nai Pan Noi Beach 226 $   incl.
Central Cottage Thong Nai Pan Yai 12 $   incl.
Candle Hut Resort Thong Nai Pan Yai 35 $   incl.
Havana Beach Resort Thong Nai Pan Yai 58 $   incl. recommend
Buakao Inn Thong Sala 14 $  
Pha Ngan Chai Hotel Thong Sala 23 $  
Golden Hill Resort Thong Sala 29 $  
Grand Sea Resort Thong Sala 35 $  
Rates are INCLUSIVE all taxes (10% service charge, 7% VAT)

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